“I purchased Audrey’s Iron Man earrings to match my son’s pow wow regalia. They’re so well made, beautiful colours, and just so amazing. They hold power and I wear them proudly.” – Robynn. 

“Waawaate Beads makes beautiful, solidly crafted and meaningful earrings. The colours are beautiful and each piece has lovely energy.” – Heather. 

“Audrey is a very talented artist. Her work is detailed, well-crafted and truly unique. She is a very effective communicator who demonstrates care for her customers. I love her beadwork and highly recommend it. I plan to continue to support this gifted creator as I admire her ethos and her art.” – Gina

I am so fortunate to own a pair of Waawaate Beads earrings. The pair I purchased are long, sparkly icicles – Mikwam – and they are stunning. Great communication and easy pickup for this local. I hope to catch a pair of moon earrings someday, or any of the message pairs! I definitely feel Waawaate Beads is a safe and inclusive space for people to enjoy artistry and medicine.” – Alaina 

“I received not one, not two, but three beautiful pieces from Waawaate Beads. I remember opening the packaged being so stunned at the quality of the beadwork, they were gorgeous with the complimenting colours, chosen perfectly for a pair of green and white fringe earrings and a triangle set with an eclipse moon. I had also commissioned her for a black and white pair with her unique style that she created beautifully. They were affordable, made with such care and an artist’s creation I wear with pride.” – Ash

“I received a pair of beaded earrings made by Audrey as a gift. It is evidently clear that she puts time, love, and her skill into everything she makes. Wearing her earrings makes me so happy. If you’re looking to support local Aboriginal artists I strongly recommend looking at Audrey’s page! As a settler I am grateful for the opportunity to wear Indigenous art handcrafted with care.” – Jenna.

“I still remember opening the box to my Starry Night inspired earrings and being completely blown away. Audrey creates with such love, dedication and care that wearing her art always makes me feel surrounded by good medicine.” – Dani.

“Audrey’s creativity and boldness in her beaded work has me coming back again and again for custom gifts for myself and others. As an artist, and person, she is collaborative, generous, talented, and kind.” – Meredith.

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