How do sale days work? I typically sell my earrings and other beaded pieces in collections, releasing a new collection once or twice per month, depending on how much I have beaded. I announce these releases in plenty of time on my instagram (@waawaate.beads). I am grateful at the popularity of Indigenous art and beadwork at the moment – but it does meant that these days can get quite hectic, and many products are in demand. I recommend setting an alarm and getting on the website as close to the release time as you can if there is something you really want.

Mailing Options: If you choose to send your package regular letter mail (ie/ just a stamp and an envelope), know that once it is out of my hands, I am unable to track it or verify it’s location. It is the more economic option, but it’s also riskier. I am also unable to issue refunds for lost packages.

Can you wear/buy Indigenous art if you are NOT Indigenous? Of course! I can’t speak for all beaders, but it seems that the general consensus (and one I also believe) is that it is always welcome, and if you are looking to buy beaded art and other Indigenous art, we are always happy for the support. However, you should always choose to buy from an Indigenous artist. There are many knock-offs and cultural appropriators out there and this is wrong. Especially when you can support Indigenous economy. I personally feel a sense of pride the more places I see my work in.

How do I price my earrings?: Pricing varies a lot per pair and is based on, but not limited to: hours spent designing, hours spent beading, sourcing materials, cost of materials, administrative hours (ie/ maintaining website, packaging, business cards, packaging items, shipping items, etc). I am a one individual show and a lot of work rests on my shoulders. I also refuse to engage in a culture that doesn’t value artists and I believe that artists should be appropriately compensated for their work and their time. Art is a beautiful and valuable service to the community and artists deserve to be paid more than minimum wage.   

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